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24 Hours Towing Service

24 Hour Service

You can't predict an accident, they could happen at any time. We got your back offering our services 24/7

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Service Road Truck

Service Road Truck

It can happen to any of us. A flat tire, car malfunction, you name it. We offer road service!

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Througout the USA

We are based on the Tri-State area on the east coast. But we offer our services across the country.

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Where can I buy Steinberg Cubase 5 oem,

BDJ Towing has extensive experience in heavy towing and emergency recovery. We strive to provide the highest level of service. BDJ Towing offers: 24/7 Road Services; Light, Medium and Heavy Dutty; Service Road Truck, Flat Tires, Car Malfunction; Equipment Hauling, Transportation and more...

Learn about our services

Great Service

We strive to provide the best services to our clients



Since 2008 we've been helping people on the road.


Even the big trucks...

Our experts will help you with any kind of vehicle.



Towing Services in NJ.

towing services in new jersey

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Banner for BDJ.

What our clients say


Alejandro Hidalgo

"Nothing stops BDJ from helping people, not even a snow storm"

I have to thank BDJ Towing for their great service. One time my car broke down in the middle of a snow storm and they were the only company willing to tow my car and bring me home. THANK YOU GUYS!


Diane Maxwell

"BDJ Towing is the best towing company in New Jersey"

I've needed towing services a few times, but DBJ Towing really impressed me with how quick they arrived to the accident's place. They were really friendly and gave me a ride home.


Rob Tenaglia

"BDJ Towing is, by far, the best towing company in the Tri-State area"

One of my trucks broke down in the middle of nowhere and these guys towed my truck. I completely trust BDJ Towing guys and have used their services since 4 years ago.


Mike Wong

"Quick service and very friendly employees"

Honestly, no one wants to ever use a towing company, but I gotta admit that BDJ Towing gave me a very smooth experience with my car. After the accident, they picked up my car and their mechanics fixed every single part of it. Some of my friends didn't even realize that the car had been in an accident

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Where can I buy Steinberg Cubase 5 oem,

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